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 It is sad to say our doors will be closing during 2017


Welcome to Cottam Guinea pig and rabbit rescue and re-homing centre based in Cottam, Preston. We are a small non profit rescue that was formed in 2010 by founder Becky Yates. The rescue was formed to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted and stray animals throughout the Lancashire area.

Animals are our passion and we devote ourselves to help un-wanted rabbits and guinea pigs. We are not here to judge people who bring their animals in to our rescue and we will not discriminate against taking in different breeds, certain characteristics or those that are "easier" to re-home, to us every animal is equal. Before you buy a rabbit from a pet shop, please consider a rabbit from a rescue that needs a second chance in life. 
Here at Cottam Rescue we also rescue some wild/orphaned wild animals. We have had a variety of animals through our doors from Orphaned birds to rabbits. 
 we provide safe accommodation, a healthy diet, including fresh water, the ability to express normal behaviour, prevent pain and discomfort and protection from suffering, and treatment of, illness and injury.


Cottam rescue is not a registered charity due to our small size. We need your help to continue saving animals that wouldn't make it without us. There are so many ways you can help, why not sponsor a hutch, make a donation via paypal, be a foster career or even come and see what we do and spread the word! Please find it in your heart to help in any way that you can.


Services we offer

Animal welfare is our priority, which is why we provide a number of services for you and your pet, bellow is a list of services available to you.  

  • Nail clipping
  • Health checks
  • Grooming-
  • Flea and mite eradication
  • Boarding service
  • Bonding service
  • Experience courses for beginners



Car boot items needed!

Please help raise money for animals

 in need by bringing carboot items for

us to sell.

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You cant change the world by saving one animal,

But for that one animal you change its world

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